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“I am blown away by Christine’s intuition and I now understand it to be working with Spirit/ Force/Great One/Love/Kindness. The ability to choreograph and ‘direct’ the individual whilst working and engaging the larger group is absolute poetry- so organic and beautifully described. The power and forgiveness of VMT became evident on a deeper level and your skills as facilitator were brought so exquisitely to the group. I am in awe of this work. This is extraordinary work. It is therapy prescribed and administered by Angels. VMT is soulful therapy which embodies in the participants through sound/voice, harmony, movement and connectedness to one another. It is pure poetry.” Barbara V.

“This workshop provided me with the opportunity to be absolutely honest about who I am. I felt held in sacred space that was filled with space and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” D.M.

“Cried many tears which I am sure has unblocked areas that were stuck. And working with Christine allowed me to open up and improvise which is something I’ve wanted to do in public. I’ve learnt things that I can share with my voice students. I know myself better.” J.W.

“Thank you for this soulful work. I had an opening, and a deeper awareness of myself, voice, body, and why or how it does stuff, thinks and feels. Loved the love, loved the nurturing, loved the spirit, loved the reminder that I have everything inside me I need and just have to trust it.” P.

“I feel more confident about my voice. This workshop has been wonderful, confronting, terrifying at times, beautiful and encouraging. I have learned so much. I want to fly and soar high through the sky and VMT is helping me to do so.” Susan C.

“Opening up self and creativity and heart. I wrote a song expressing deeper parts of myself. Christine is brilliant in providing the catalytic elements in accessing, accepting and allowing your whole self. If you want deep transformation in your life, VMT workshops are highly recommended.” Roy R.

“Thank you for holding me emotionally so gently and with so much perception.Your skills, your gifts and your own self awareness created a safe place. Now I want to explore the power of the voice as a channel for healing.” V

“I had a wonderful release of stuck emotions. I found more confidence in singing with others, and in singing on my own with emotion but not having it swamp me. I felt Testimonials Edited for VMTUK Website connectedness and belonging and acceptance in the group. I had the feeling of finding myself and my joy again and of taking more musical/vocal risks. What a wonderful, moving, real experience! Also, confronting, challenging- but ultimately liberating. A wonderful, special, life-affirming experience that I really needed. Thank you so much.” JK

“Found it wonderful- freeing, liberating and releasing. Was able to tap into/connect with deep hidden pain, fears, blockages I was holding onto and to release them and liberate/free myself to enjoy and express more of myself and play. The Repairing The Bridge to the Soul workshop was a beautiful journey and the deep where we were all led and held in a safe, sacred place and let go of what no longer serves us, so as to set free more of our selves. Fun and liberating and amazing work. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you.” Belinda M.

“My desire for the sacred embodied. I love the way this work is so much of the body and yet so sacred. What wonderful facilitation from Christine. It could not have been any more or less than it was. Just gloriously nutritious for the spirit. This work is life-changing: it’s challenging, inspiring, difficult and joyous all at once. It opens the heart and nurtures the soul. Thank you.” J

“This opened me to more understanding of myself, how my voice can take me into deeper unexplored places. Thought Christine inspirational; present, helpful, insightful. This workshop opened me to newer deeper places of self understanding. This was inspirational and is helping me know how to go forward healthily.” Judith D.

“I enjoyed the sense of safety and allowance and would love to explore and expand my comfort zone further- to get past the fear of using my voice and let go of shame that is associated with it. I highly recommend this soul expanding workshop. Thank you Christine for your intuitive and caring spirit.” L.M.

“This was an insightful and nurturing space. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere and this is the first environment where I felt accepted as I am. Thank you for all your beautiful, enchanting work. T.L. Testimonials Edited for VMTUK Website

“A large part of this work seems to be letting my body, breath and voice speak before my brain gets involved, to evaluate, calculate and regulate the sounds and shapes my innocent self wishes to make. Christine made space for us all to be our buried, truer selves. The expertise, knowledge, wisdom and love she has for this work allowed every person in the room to go to the land in themselves where dragons live and to come through safe, cleansed and bigger. Like an old stuffy boarded up house that’s had its door lovingly opened. I feel privileged to have witnessed such humanity in a world where there is such savagery to the human spirit, where we all get a bit crippled by being silent witnesses. We have been able to to go to places in ourselves and show them to the group to be embraced, loved and held for being just the person we are. I stand on my chair and applaud. Here’s to the human in all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Andy McD.

“Vocally more self expression, confident, open and relaxed. Really loved exploring where my voice could go and what emotions surfaced with the different exercises. I recently worked with one of the legendary acting coaches who insisted all actors should take regular voice classes and go to therapy at least once a week. In this workshop I felt I have covered both. I walk out of here more open, energised, connected and expressive.” Mel G.