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What happens in an individual session?


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What happens in an individual session?

photo by John FX Otoole
PJ and Chrisitine in session

All work within a session is confidential. The goals of VMT are: to expand one’s vocal and movement repertoire in order to know and develop greater understanding of one’s own issues and psychological make up through creative expression, to have a greater trust in oneself, to alleviate wounding and emotional pain, and to find an understanding of and compassion for past stories, and clarity of what your hopes are for the future.

photo by Liz Witham

By working with the whole person- physically, vocally, emotionally, spiritually and psychically- we are brought home to ourselves so we can heal. With the singing of ourselves we descend into the knowing of our voices and our bodies; our connection with ourselves and others deepens, and our vitality, presence, life force, inspiration and imagination all increase.